Feb 17, 2012 | Press

I’ve been lucky enough to have had my work featured in a number of local wedding magazines over the past twelve months; something I never expected, however, was to be featured in a mainstream popular photography magazine … and yet, there I am, in over 100,000 magazines in bookstores nationwide.  WOW!!  Thank you Shutterbug magazine!  I was first contacted a few months ago by freelance writer and photographer Lorraine DarConte.  She had found my work while researching “top ten” wedding photographers across the nation and liked the energy of my photos, and the lighting.  She asked if I’d be interested in giving some tips on photographing wedding receptions – and of course I was delighted to help!

It is a huge honor to be published alongside industry giants Cliff Mautner and Lisa Lefkowitz, and I still feel a little giddy.  🙂  You’ll have to purchase a copy of the magazine to read the article in full, but I wanted to share a preview below.  You can find more info about the magazine on their website, here.

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  1. Right ON girl!!! This is SO your year!!!


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