Jan 13, 2012 | Weddings

Over the last week or so, I’ve looked through each and ever image from the twenty three weddings I photographed in 2011 … and wow, what a year! I originally wanted to choose one photo from each wedding to share in a highlights post, but it quickly became apparent that just one image would never fly. I’ve ended up with just under 150 photos to share with you in three posts, starting with getting ready photos. I’ve also included some favorite details (I can’t get enough of the gorgeous flowers I’ve shot this year) and a few special first look moments. A portrait or two may have sneaked in too.

The photos below come from weddings in grand hotels, such as the Four Seasons Boston and Taj Boston, from couples’ homes, parents’ homes, even tiny rooms in the most modest of hotels and inns … The weddings took place in Boston and all over New England … even two in Seattle … and I photographed Jewish weddings, Christian weddings, my first Indian wedding, my first Cambodian ceremony, and a ton of multi-cultural and non-religious weddings. I’ve experienced the full gamut of emotions, and I hope some of them are apparent below. I’ve seen a whole lot of nervous anticipation, emotional tears, but most of all, excited and delighted couples, full of laughter and huge smiles. Enjoy the highlights reel – with more coming soon!

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  1. Thank you Kate for making Emily and Seth’s Wedding come to life.

    Wendy Miller


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