Nov 10, 2011 | Engagements

A few weeks ago, I met up with Alex and Bung for their engagement session.  They met on their first day of grad school in an orientation class, and although they were there to get their MBAs, it turns out that they are both creative types (Bung has a degree in architecture and Alex has worked on several documentary films).  They are also hilarious and goofy and a maybe even a tiny little bit nerdy – needless to say, we got along swimmingly.  🙂  We started out near Alex’s place in Boston’s South End.  Like me, they like to eat good food, and Coppa is one of their favorite restaurants (it’s fantastic – check it out if you haven’t yet eaten there):

We then headed up to the north shore to a private beach that I love for some more “naturey” photos. A little geese-chasing to warm up:

This spot has everything: beautiful woodland, huge rocks, amazing sea views and a big grass lawn.

I love these shots – especially the incredibly silly jumping shot (yup, that was all me …)

The light was gorgeous that afternoon … and I love these:

These two sure know how to rock the silly faces. 🙂

A few last photos as we headed back through the woods to the car – Bung, you are so beautiful, and I’m not sure you have any idea …

A little more silliness (yay!) and then some drama to end the show. Thank you both so much for a ridiculously fun afternoon – and have an amazing time at your wedding in Thailand in December (I am soooo bummed that you already have a photographer for that!)


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