Sep 26, 2011 | Engagements

I love Portsmouth, NH (every time I visit I think how nice it would be to live up there) and so I was pretty excited to meet up with Chris and Lynette in their home town for some relaxed and fun engagement photos.  These guys are getting married next summer at the fabulous State Room in Boston, a very urban-sophisticated and modern venue, so I wanted to go for a more relaxed and fun feel for their engagement photos.  I think we pulled it off!  We spent a couple of hours wandering the streets of Portsmouth, through some of their favorite spots as well as mine.  Here’s one of my favorites to start us off:

My favorite bridge in Portsmouth has been deemed unsafe for vehicles … meaning it’s now a fabulous spot for photographing people. 🙂 Some alley-wandering …

And some snuggling outside one of Lynette and Chris’ favorite restaurants in town, Cava:

Prescott Park is absolutely beautiful at this time of year, and I adore this little series:

Lynette did some GREAT scouting in preparation for our session, and found these cool wooden garage doors (thank you Lynette!)

Some more utter cuteness on a little patch of grass down by Strawbery Banke:

We found this gorgeous porch at the back of one of the historic houses at Strawbery Banke:

I love Lynette and Chris’ sense of playfulness. Also, they were laughing all afternoon, which makes me very happy. 🙂

Another photographer suggested the spot for the photo above; the silly posing was all me … And some coffee to end our session, at Breaking New Grounds coffee shop in the main square:

OK, one last photo … I believe I completely ripped myself off with this one (better to copy myself than someone else, right?) but I love it so here it is. 🙂 Thank you both so much for a wonderful afternoon – I hope you enjoy your teasers!


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