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There are certain couples that, as soon as you meet them, you know you’re in for a treat.  Steph and Phil are both photographers; in fact, Steph is miles more qualified than I am, with a degree in photography, and Phil is pretty much a celebrity in his home town of Portsmouth, NH, thanks to his magnificent HDR landscape work (you can view some of his work on his blog, The Daily Portsmouth). More than that though … Phil and Steph are two of the warmest, sweetest and most ridiculously in love people you could ever meet – and after their super fun engagement session in the winter I had been dying with excitement for their wedding.  I knew it was going to be special.  What I didn’t know was just quite how special.

The flowers by Betsy Scott at The Flower Kiosk were delicate and unique.  I loved the varied textures … and I liked that the bouquets were petite, just like Stephanie.  Steph’s makeup was airbrushed on by the fabulous and hugely talented Joanne McDonough of Joya Beauty.  I’d never seen it done before and found it quite fascinating.  Joanne also provided custom makeup colors for all the girls – I was suitably impressed.

Steph wore silver Jimmy Choo peep toe pumps (yes, I squealed). I got to play with them for a while before she put them on. 🙂

Lena Hartford of Hair That Moves was in charge of all the girls’ hairstyles, and I just LOVE her work. Steph’s hair was especially gorgeous; the side ponytail allowed her to show off her beautiful curls while still offering a glamorous styled look.

A few moments in black and white from the girls’ room:

I’d actually started my day at Phil’s home. I arrived early to find him adding the final polish to his vows. And yes, that’s a full letter sized page full of vows (and yes, they were incredible).

Phil was joined by his brothers and best friend, and soon after he opened his gift from Steph: collar stays that she had personalised with cute little phrases such as, “you’re so handsome”. 🙂

Back at the Wentworth Hotel – a final lip touch-up and then straight into portraits. Love this one of Steph workin’ it in the window:

The wraparound porches at the hotel were bathed in the prettiest soft light – perfect for some photos of the ladies all together:

I’m guessing the lace fan is a nod to Steph’s Latino culture … it certainly highlighted her fierce eyes beautifully:

And here’s where it all gets a little ridiculous (GOOD ridiculous that is): Phil had secretly arranged for Steph and her father to be transported to the wedding in a horse-drawn carriage from TD Robinson’s. Yes! The only people in the know were the officiant, the coordinator at the Country Club, myself and Steph’s father. Spectacular work, Phil!

And here is Steph’s reaction. Perfect. 🙂

Part two will be along in a few days … and there will mostly likely also be a part three this time around, because I just can’t fit all this goodness into two posts. I hope that’s OK. 🙂 Oh! And if you haven’t already, come on over and like my Facebook page here.

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  1. Simply amazing. Phil and Stephanie couldn’t have picked a better photographer to capture moments of their special day. Well done.



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