Mar 23, 2011 | Engagements

On Sunday, I spent a glorious couple of hours walking around Boston Public Garden and Beacon Hill with Evelyn and John for their engagement session.  We got beautiful weather, meaning of course that the crazies were out in force, much to our amusement.  🙂  We started off in the Public Garden, on the little bridge in the middle, and that’s where Crazy Person #1 came over and told me that I was photographing it all wrong, that their faces needed to be in the sun, not turned away from it.  I tried to make sense of this comment for a moment, before swiftly dismissing it as Official Crazy Talk.  You see, if their faces are turned into the sun, you get squinty eyes and harsh shadows.  If you shoot into the sun, however, you get gorgeous rim light and your couple can enjoy looking at each other instead of being blinded by the light.  Which I think is preferable.  These two seemed to agree:

OK, maybe there was a little side lighting in there – but still, there was no full on sun-squinting going on.  Just cuteness.  🙂  I love this little series on a bench in the Public Garden.  The light was crazy bright (it was the middle of the day) but I’m just fine with a blown out background when you get stuff like this:

We soon headed over to Beacon Hill to find some shade.  Hello legs, Evelyn!

We grabbed some coffee at Starbucks and I met Crazy #2 in line for the bathroom.  She was only a little crazy.  But still …  After that, we hiked up the hill (yeah, exercise!) to John’s old apartment (he lived in two spots on Beacon Hill, both utterly gorgeous – and I might have had a little moment of jealousy):

The next shot – between John’s apartments – is one of my very favorites from the session.  It’s cool what you can get by crouching behind a car …

It’s time for Crazy #3!  This was the best.  A woman walked up while we were taking the next set of photos, and asked, “are they getting engaged?”  Yes, *right now*.  Haha.  🙂  She then started trying to direct the shoot, which was both hilarious and a little awkward.  I think the looks on these guys’ faces say it all!

I tell you what, though – I cannot get enough of this part of the city.  It’s sooooo pretty.  Love that red brick.  Our final stop was the most photographed (and painted?) place in maybe the whole US: Acorn Street.  We borrowed a stoop for some cute pics:

And a couple of last photos to end with.  Thank you so much, Evelyn and John, for a lovely session, and for giggling with me at the crazies.  I hope you’ve enjoyed your teasers … I can’t wait for your wedding in the summer!  Oh, and happy belated birthday Evelyn.  I hope you had a great day yesterday!

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  1. Kate, you are so talented! These are everything we were hoping they would be – fun, casual, cute and personal. You far exceeded our expectations and were a blast to work with. Can’t wait to frame some of these pics and to see you again at the wedding! Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much Evelyn! I loved working with you both and am so excited for you wedding. 🙂

  3. Great shots Kate! And the “Crazies” added to the wonderful memories of a great shoot for them & you! 🙂

  4. Kate:

    I second Evelyn’s comments. Thanks for taking such great photographs and for being so easy to work with!


  5. Thanks Tracy! And thank you John – it was a joy working with you both. 🙂

  6. Evelyn and John, these are great!!I enjoyed seeing them-can’t wait to see you at the wedding – love you both lots!!


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