Roslindale Family Session: Daniel, Ebele + Baby Olanna

Dec 13, 2010 | Families, Little Ones

Family sessions are quickly becoming my new favorite thing – especially now that winter has come and taking photos inside has become a necessity.  There’s just something about photos in your home that is so special to me … every little piece of background is familiar … the photos become part of the space you live in … it’s very organic, I suppose, and I find it so rewarding when families open up and allow me to explore their homes with them.

Daniel and Ebele are a remarkable couple; talented, passionate and fiercely in love with their baby girl, Olanna.  I spent an hour or so on Saturday morning taking some family photos and getting to know them.  I started with some photos of Ebele with her daughter:

When I spotted this next photo as I was downloading the images, I shrieked with delight.  Sure, it’s probably never going to make it to the mantel, but is this not hilarious and wonderful?

Daniel joined us.  I love how easy they are with each other.  I barely directed any of the photos, as there just wasn’t any need …

Daniel is, amongst other things, a poet.  He reads to Olanna up in his study on the third floor, and I love this series that we captured.  She loves books already!

I adore how Daniel holds his baby:

A few photos of Olanna on mom and dad’s bed – she is so expressive, and she was captivated by the sound of my shutter!

And a couple of final photos from back downstairs in the family room:

Huge thanks to Ebele and Daniel for welcoming me into their hope and giving me such trust.  I loved working with you all and can’t wait to get started on your book!


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