Boston Elopement: Andrea + Sunny

Oct 4, 2010 | Weddings

On Thursday last week, I finally got to photograph my very first gay wedding.  For those of you who know me, this is something I’ve been wanting to do for years, and I was so excited to be chosen as the photographer for Sunny and Andrea’s sweet elopement ceremony by Bernadette Coveney Smith of 14 Stories, New England’s top gay wedding planner.  Andrea and Sunny flew in from Oakland, CA for their wedding, and they chose to make it a very intimate ceremony with just the two of them, myself, Bernadette and the JP at City Hall in Cambridge.  I started my time with them as they were making the finishing touches in their room at the Sheraton:

I was so happy to bump into Lisette Murphy of Styling by Lisette who did a fantastic job as usual.

Once Sunny and Andrea were dressed, we headed up Mass Ave to City Hall in Cambridge for the short but incredibly emotional ceremony:

Ceremonies are always important to photograph just-right … but a ceremony when there are no guests?  It is incredible to think that these photos are how Andrea and Sunny’s families and friends will witness their sweet ceremony.

It was an insanely windy day last Thursday, so we started our portrait session inside City hall.  I loved the grand staircase there.  Then, we headed back to the Sheraton and took some final photos around the Christian Science Center:

Huge congratulations to Andrea and Sunny on their sweet, emotional wedding.  Thank you for choosing Boston as the city where you made it official!


  1. I am so glad you finally got to shoot one, aren’t they so wonderful??

    I LOVE the fact they helped each other get ready, what a great way to start off the day!

    Favorite shot is in the lavender field!!! GORGEOUS!

  2. Thank you Kate for documenting our special day so beautifully! I love the photos!

  3. So very touching. Love the details shots, the ceremony is just perfect – love the wide angles on the stairs. And where on earth did you find a lavender field?! Spectacular as always

  4. You both look fantastic! Mazel tov!

  5. Awww, thank you all SO much for all the fantastic comments! Andrea + Sunny, your friends – just like you – are wonderful. 🙂

    Corey and Leah: it’s not a lavender field! Just a couple o’ bushes that we found between the Christian Science Center plaza and the road. 😀


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