Lyman Estate Wedding: Kate + Alex Reception

Sep 3, 2010 | Weddings

The theme for Kate and Alex’s wedding was built around the letters that spanned the entire first year of their relationship.  As guests entered The Lyman Estate, the front table was covered in personal letters that Kate and Alex had hand written to each of their guests.  They were stamped with vintage Australian stamps (Australia is where Kate and Alex are now living).  The letters served as escort cards, sending the guests to their table for dinner … and each table was named after the date of one of the original letters.  (You can see more about their letters in Alex and Kate’s engagement session, here.)

Before dinner, Kate’s sister, Alex’s brother, and both dads gave sweet toasts.  Like everything about the day, these were incredibly genuine, emotional and funny.

After dinner, there was cake and then dancing.  The first dance was great, and I loved that everyone formed a semi-circle around them:

Alex’s dad’s band played for the evening and they were AWESOME (as can be seen from the crazy dance party than ensued).  They are called This Old Band, and although they don’t have a website I can link to, if you’re looking for a fantastic band, let me know and I’ll put you in touch.  🙂

A few more crazy/fun dancing shots … and the rest will have to be enjoyed privately by Kate and Alex at a later date … it was kinda out of control!

Thank you, everyone, for an incredibly fun day and night.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the teasers!


  1. These are amazing! Looks like you’ve captured such an amazing event here… stunning compositions! Well done, Kate!

  2. Hi Kate – our dad’s band is called This Old Band. Thanks for all of the amazing pictures you’ve put up here, and I look forward to seeing the rest when Alex and Kate get them!

  3. Dear Kate, The photos from Kate’s and Alex’s wedding are absolutely stellar. My bandmates in This Old Band never had as much fun performing as we did at the reception, and we thank you for including some shots of us. Kate and Alex hit the jackpot when they chose you as their photographer. Cheers!


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