Lyman Estate Wedding: Kate + Alex Getting Ready

Aug 31, 2010 | Weddings

Saturday was one of those perfect, gorgeous days.  And not just the weather – everything about Alex and Kate’s wedding was just right; from the moment I walked in to Kate’s room at The Charles Hotel in Cambridge for some getting ready photos, I knew it was going to be a good day.

To start, some black and white images of Kate and her girls – aren’t they all gorgeous?  It was not unlike walking onto a movie set, being in that room …

I love that Kate wore flats – cute flats by Kate Spade!  The invites and programs by Sarah at Red Bumble Bee were beautiful, and full of awesome facts … the first year of their relationship was spent long-distance (two days after meeting in NYC, Kate moved to China for a year) and they wrote letters back and forth.  Real, hand-written, postman-delivered letters.  Here are some of my favorite facts about their year of letters (stolen shamelessly from the program): number of handwritten words: 26,880; miles traveled by letters: 234,100; net international trade deficit accrued: 108 dollars.

While the girls were getting their hair and makeup done, the guys were having lunch down the street at The Red House.  I popped over for a few minutes to grab a few shots and could have stayed a while – the guys were quite funny.  🙂

Then, we all headed over to the beautiful Lyman Estate in Waltham.  The pretty hydrangea bouquets were by Bronwen Flowers.

That last photo above may just be one of my all-time favorite getting ready photos.  Love the excitement all over Kate’s face!  And some more black and whites of the girls finishing up:

Before the first look with Alex, Kate asked if we could have a little moment with her parents – I loved this idea.  There was a lot of emotion in that room …

The first look with Alex will be along tomorrow – as well as some very fun bridal party portraits …


  1. Kate these are wonderful!! We’re right in the middle of moving and it’s so wonderful to see pics of Saturday already. We have many more thanks to give you, but just wanted to let you know how much we love these.

  2. Kate, you guys made my job so easy, and so much fun, on Saturday – all I have is thanks to you! So much more good stuff to come your way over the next few days. 🙂 Have fun packing for Australia!!!!

  3. Kate Nielson is the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. Seriously. My whole family thinks you should be an actress. Someone at the airport just walked by and commented on how stunning you are. Nosy, but so true.

    Kate McElwee, these photographs are almost as gorgeous as Kate. I love your style and peaceful presence. I almost want to get married just so you can take pictures–but maybe for my sister’s wedding next year? Great to meet you and thank you!

  4. Jane, I loved meeting you all too! Such a fun [and gorgeous] group of ladies to work with 😀 Email me about your sister’s wedding, I would LOVE that!


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