Fruitlands Museum Wedding: Nell + Steve Portraits and Ceremony

Aug 11, 2010 | Weddings

Fruitlands is a beautiful place, with acres of meadows, woodland and lawns to explore – but we were on a super tight schedule.  I think we had about 15 minutes in the end for some fun couples portraits, so we jumped in Steve’s car and raced around a few of my favorite spots in the vicinity.  I loved this meadow with the white flowers – so pretty and simple (and that light, oh yes!)

There are tons of historically interesting buildings around Fruitlands, too, including this little yellow house (I believe it’s the Shaker museum) … and of course there are also the amazing tree sculptures …

Our final photos were taken near the old farmhouse.  The light was gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous:

Steve and Nell’s ceremony took my breath away.  They’d sent me the entire ceremony the week before, and it made me cry.  I’m glad I was prepared for the real deal!  They worked closely with Celebrant Cindy Matchett of Meaningful Weddings to create a story of their lives, and love … A tiny snippet: “Nell, Steve makes you feel loved in so many ways.  He enjoys you not despite of, but because of, your flaws.  You feel safe with him, he laughs with you and makes you feel beautiful, and trusting him is so very easy.  Steve, Nell has given you the strength and support to take on the greatest challenges of your life. She enables and encourages your funny, silly, creative side while simultaneously supporting your academic and career endeavors. Your life feels balanced with her. She is your base, your rock, your home.”

There were four readings by family and friends; beautiful, unusual and totally Nell and Steve.

My very favorite moment was during the ring exchange.  As well as personalized vows, Nell and Steve read extracts from poems to each other.  My favorite lines come from Nell’s chosen poem, Une Bonne Fortune by Alfred de Musset: “… as you gave me your heart, without daring to think of it, I gave you mine, thus you possessed my life and never even knew it”.

The reception will be along in a couple of days …


  1. Thank you ladies 🙂

  2. Love the silhouette shot – not what I was expecting at all, but a good suprise! BTW, silhouette is not an easy word to spell.


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