Wentworth by the Sea Wedding: Melissa + Taylor Reception

Jul 21, 2010 | Weddings

I loved the details at Melissa and Taylor’s reception.  The theme was sea-scape/nauticalia, with some cute bluebirds thrown in.


Before dinner there was a slideshow.  It made for great photo ops for me – the expressions on the faces of their families and friends were wonderful …


Taylor and Melissa opened dinner with their first dance.  Towards the end, they invited the bridal party up to join them.  The light was wonderful inside the white tent – and the atmosphere was warm and cozy.


The post-dinner festivities opened with toasts:

I *very rarely* include cake-cutting (or -eating) photos on the blog, but I thought this sequence was just too cute to pass up.  How on earth can two people look so attractive shoving cake in each other’s faces?  Love it.  🙂

I loved the parent dances that followed, too.  Happy people make for such good photos!

The very last installment will be along very shortly … we finally managed to get some couples portraits!


  1. Thank you Nikki!

  2. Once again, amazing. Thank you for capturing all the little details we hardly had a chance to take in because the day goes by so fast! I love the pictures of all the guests too, so nice to have.

  3. Oh, and Johanna, we got the green box at Home Goods. Last time I went, I think they still had a few!


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