Chittenden, Vermont Wedding: Kaitlin + Aldo Portraits and Ceremony

Jul 1, 2010 | Weddings

The rain kept on coming, but we decided to brave it and get some couples portraits around Mountain Top anyway. Kaitlin’s father kindly chauffeured us (and entertained us – he’s a very funny man!) and the blue umbrella was worth its weight in gold. I was happy to have a water-resistant camera to use too … it was really, really wet …

01-portraits meadow gate ith bride and groom

I’d spotted the wooden gate during my run that morning.  The lake was up next – love that beach, love that view!


And a couple of last outdoor portrait locations before we called it a day.  I was soaked up to the knees by that point, and Aldo and Kaitlin presumably wanted to save some of their thinking-sunny cheer for their guests!


For the group photos, I found a covered porch on the front of the Inn.  I love the bridal party’s “silly face” shots.  🙂


After crossing our fingers all day for a break in the rain, it became clear that the outdoor ceremony was not to be.  Still, there’s something moody and romantic about weather like this …


The ceremony was lovely.  We were packed into the tent like sardines, and it felt warm and good.  There was a lot of love in that room.


The final installment will be along in a couple of days – prepare yourselves for some *crazy* party action!

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