Arctic Club Seattle Wedding: Jackie + Tim Ceremony

Jul 29, 2010 | Weddings

I promised you a few more pretty photos of Jackie and Tim, did I not?  For the last five minutes I had them walk back and forth under the beautiful canopy of trees next to Occidental Square.  The dip was all them – utterly natural, and just as cute as could be:

Then, we headed back to the Arctic Club for Jackie and Tim’s ceremony.  The Dome Room is both a delight and a nightmare to photograph.  It’s astoundingly beautiful, and utterly unique, but in terms of light it is an absolute beast.  Anyway.  🙂

I should mention that Jackie is a talented graphic designer.  The ceremony programs were the first of MANY visual treats scattered throughout the wedding, and lots more of her handiwork will be coming in the next post.  There was a lot of emotion evident from the very start of the ceremony.  And I loved that the officiant was an old family friend (with a very good sense of humor!)

Tim and Jackie had perhaps the most wonderful reading I’ve ever heard during a ceremony: “He Never Leaves the Seat Up” by Pam Ayres.  Of course, they’d customised it to fit them even more perfectly and the entire room was sighing and crying and heaving with laughter.  My favorite new verse: “They’re both a little nerdy / Computers are their thing / She shares her love of musicals / Now he just needs to dance and sing”.  Yes!

A few final favorites from the ceremony, and some candid shots immediately after:

The reception will be along in a day or two!


  1. Once again Kate you captured the absolutely best moments, beautiful!

  2. Thank you Alison. 🙂


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