State Room Wedding: Karen + Phil Portraits

Jun 10, 2010 | Weddings

After Karen and Phil’s ceremony at the State Room, we had what may well be the speediest couples portrait session ever.  We started in the Grand Room with that amazing harbor view:


Then we took the elevator all 33 floors down to the street and managed to grab a few shots with the Old State House between traffic lights (I came *this close* to getting squished and must have given my assistant Charlotte a mini heart-attack!)


We took a few final photos outside Faneuil Hall … I just love how Phil and Karen giggled and smiled their way through our mini-session.  So lovely.  🙂


Karen and Phil’s reception teasers will be posted very shortly – so stay tuned!


  1. wow, Karen and Phil’s wedding must have been totally amazing to have such beautiful photographs of it. What a venue!

  2. Thanks, Ducks 🙂 It was a pretty amazing wedding all around, from the venue (gorgeous!) to the couple (amazing!)


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