State Room Wedding: Karen + Phil Ketubah Signing

Jun 2, 2010 | Weddings

At around 5:30, the guys arrived at the State Room and I grabbed a couple of getting ready shots.  Phil had his dad help with his yarmulke and boutonniere:


The light in the Grand Room was perfect for a few quick portraits … and then it was back into the cocktail room for the Ketubah signing.


Phil and Karen’s Ketubah was amazing.  It looked like lace, and the gold underlay made it sparkle.  Most certainly the prettiest Ketubah I’ve ever seen!


Karen and Phil decided not to see each other before the ceremony … so watch out for some emotional glances coming soon.  🙂


  1. hi kate- you did an amazing job…you captured the mood exactly- a day of pure joy that karen and phil became mr and mrs:) the look in everyone’s eyes said it all! do you ever travel for jobs? 😀

  2. I love how crisp and sharp your photos are. They are beautiful!


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