Diptych Day: Crafty

May 20, 2010 | Diptych Day

It’s that time again!  This week’s theme for our weekly Diptych Day project, a joint venture between myself and Seattle wedding photographer Amelia Soper, was crafty.  I am one of the least crafty people I know, but I am blessed with a super-crafty (in the non-conventional sense) husband.  There are several things that came to mind this week as I pondered my half of the craft diptych … my first thought was to photograph the guts of the new computer he was building me from scratch.  It was two weeks in the making, and is a beautiful machine.  I meant to photograph it in all its unfinished glory, but before I could get around to it it was sitting tidily and complete in my office.  So instead I decided to photograph his other big recent “craft” project, his home brewed amber beer.  I’m not really drinking beer right now, but I did have to try a little taste when he cracked open the first bottle of the batch a couple of nights ago.  It’s delicious.

Head on over to Amy’s blog later today to hear all about her crafty quilting.  I think she nailed it this time … me – well, maybe not so much.  But I do at least like our photos as a diptych.  Such pretty golden tones.

Diptych Day Crafty

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  1. I think diptych day is super fun! I enjoy it every week.


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