Diptych Day: Green

Apr 15, 2010 | Diptych Day, Personal

So here’s something fun and new – I’ve teamed up with fabulous Seattle wedding photographer Amelia Soper for a weekly diptych project.  Each week, we assign ourselves a theme, and we each take a photo that illustrates the theme, then put them together to form a diptych.  It’s a very cool way to unleash our creativity each week, and will hopefully get us out from behind our desks for a creative ramble in our respective cities.  🙂

For our first theme we figured we should go for something easy, and came up with green.  Pretty broad theme, right?  Well, to our surprise and amusement, we ended up with almost exactly the same image, taken two and a half thousand miles apart.  I guess great minds really do think alike!  I’m very proud of our first creation, our diptych on the theme of green.  My photo is on the left, Amy’s is on the right.  I love the sexy curve in her shot – and I love how nicely they fit together.  Go check out Amy’s blog later today for her story.  And if you have any good ideas for future themes, let us know in the comments!



  1. Wow. Both shots are fabulous and I adore the idea! Have fun, ladies, and I’ll be looking forward to your weekly posts! 🙂

  2. Thanks Jackie! You should team up with someone and do it too – we totally stole this from Team-Up Thursdays (but decided we needed a cuter name, ha!)

  3. Hooray! I loved doing this, thank you for sharing this project with me, you rock!! I can’t wait to see what we come up with next week, I think we have several more fantastic diptychs to come!

  4. Hey, Kate I just wanted to say I love your work! I use prophoto blog as well and I was wondering what you use for your main site/portfolio. I have been looking to do something similar and I am at a loss!

  5. Hey ladies, thank you all for the lovely comments 🙂 Kirsten, my main site is with Livebooks. It is a little pricey, but they will custom design to fit your branding which is cool.

  6. what a cool idea! get those creative juices flowin’ ladies!


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