Diptych Day: Coffee

Apr 29, 2010 | Diptych Day, Personal

For our third Diptych Day, Amy and I decided to shoot coffee.  Despite living there for less than ten percent of my life so far, I still consider Seattle home in many ways, and one of the things I miss most about my favorite PNW city is the amazing coffee you can get there.  In Boston, Starbucks makes me happy; in Seattle, I avoid Starbucks like the plague and head over to Neptune, Zoka or Herkimer, or one of the many, many other fantastic coffee shops there.

If I was still in Seattle, my coffee photo (on the left) would no doubt look almost identical to Amy’s (on the right) … but in Boston, coffee equals the morning cup of Americano that I make with our home espresso machine.  That morning cup of hot black liquid truly is one of the great pleasures in life.  For another perspective, be sure to check out Seattle photographer Amelia Soper’s post.



  1. Already this is my favorite of our diptychs, few though they are. 🙂 These two photos totally go together and tell a great story. I also have americanos most mornings, though mine are spiked with SF hazelnut. Seattle misses you two.

  2. Beautiful photos of Kate and Alex! Wonderful background. Thank you for allowing me take a look.

    Phyllis Clark
    Roseville, CA


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