Becky + Deric: Getting Ready

Feb 23, 2010 | Weddings

Ah, what a lovely wedding.  I started the day in a very long, narrow room at the Hyatt Olive 8 in downtown Seattle, snapping away while the girls got their hair and makeup done.  It was a treat working with Margaret Dybash of Poppy Artistry again – as well as making the girls look their glamorous best, she’s such a great presence to have around.

Wedding Day Details

Becky’s dress was pretty awesome and deserved to be photographed from every possible angle – including upside down.  🙂

Wedding Hair + Makeup

After a little while with the girls, I popped in to see how Deric and the guys were doing.  I was highly amused at how quiet they all were – such a contrast from the shrieks and giggles upstairs!

Groom + Cufflinks

Back up to the girls – and I walked in just in time to see Becky being presented with her bouquet for the first time … this may well be my favorite photo of the day!  I’m pretty sure that if she hadn’t already been wearing most of her makeup she’d have been bawling at this point.  The florist did an amazing job – I especially love how she added in feathers.

Bride + Her Dress

I had a super fun mini portrait session with Becky, then headed downstairs to the third floor where the guys were pinning on their boutonnieres.

Bride Smiling

The first look and portraits will be along soon!


  1. These are beautiful! I can’t even pick a fav! You truly captured the morning and Becky is going to LOVE them!

  2. Aw 🙂 You ladies were so fabulous to work with!

  3. LOVE the one under the dress, such a great angle and a beautiful picture!

  4. Thanks Corey 🙂

  5. wow. i am LOVING those flowers. everything looks gorgeous. beautiful work, kate!!!

  6. Thanks Kelly Alice!

  7. Love these! I love the ring shots, and I love the purple shoes!

    Did I just say I loved the purple shoes? I’m a guy, I don’t think I’m supposed to say that. Oh well, Martha will be proud I guess. Good work!

  8. It’s OK to love shoe shots, Zach. Or even the shoes themselves. ;D

  9. There are no words!!! You have done such a beautiful job! Thank you so much for all of the hard work Kate! Love you!!!


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