Jamaica Pond Engagement Session: Kelly Alice + Pants

Jan 28, 2010 | Engagements

Last Saturday I got to hang out with two of the most amazing people I’ve ever met – Pants (Chris) and Kelly Alice.  They are quickly becoming two of our best friends here in Boston, and I adore them.  A little while ago I asked how they’d feel about helping me out with some photos – I’ve been wanting to break into gay and lesbian weddings for quite some time, and after getting accepted into the fabulously titled So You’re EnGAYged I decided I couldn’t wait any longer.

We started with a couple of quick shots in my studio room – it was pretty cold out and I knew I had to have some images that showed off their awesome tattoos …


I loved that we also managed to show how playful they are with each other.  Then, we headed out to Jamaica Pond, to the little bench where Pants proposed.


I love the mood in these two black and white shots:


You’d never know the pond was teeming with people that afternoon (just what you want when your photographer is asking you to be intimate, ha!)


I love how Pants is smiling here.  She was trying really hard all afternoon not to show her teeth, and she’ll probably kill me for posting this … but how can you not love how genuinely happy they look?  🙂


I was super excited when Kelly Alice told me that they’d brought along a bottle of bubbly – and a third glass for me, woo-hoo!  Nothing beats a little al-fresco drinking in the afternoon.


After we’d exhausted the engagement bench, we made our way over to my favorite spot in JP … stopping by this tree on the way:


Some snuggles to warm up:


The last shots of the afternoon are some of my very favorites.  I think everyone was feeling a little more free and easy after the Champagne.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to my amazing and utterly loved up friends.  I hope you enjoy your photos!


© 2010 Kate McElwee Photography


  1. kate, you do wonders with the camera! we had such a wonderful day with you. thank you so much for capturing our love at a very special place for us!


  2. Wow Kate… these are amazing shots. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH! I <3 them.

  3. You are both amazing. And thank you for getting me all tipsy on bubbly in an illegal setting ;D

  4. amazing.

  5. Yay! They’re too cute!

  6. Holy crap! These are phenom. I am giggling out loud at some of them, and a couple of them make me want to cry (tears of joy, of course). I love how you capture the essence of a couple’s relationship. Well done, my friend!

    And that champagne in the park is a hoot! *cheers!

  7. Very nice set of images! But man does it look cold.

  8. Jackie said it very well. You did a beautiful job of capturing their love for each other as well as their playful nature. The tight intimate shots, particularly the black and whites are my fovorites. Beautiful work as always. Best wishes.

  9. Awwww, thank you all so much. This was such a great session – and it’s funny because I was way more nervous beforehand than I have been in a long time. I find it *really hard* photographing my friends. It is very cool if the nature of their relationship comes through in these photos – I was trying very hard to make that happen.

  10. OMG–these are AMAZING photos, Kate! I love each and every one of them, like you I am in love with Kelly Alice and Chris–you captured them so perfect!

  11. These photos are beautiful!!!

  12. Whoa. These are unbelievable! All three of you are amazing!

  13. Unbelievably gorgeous. You two are so so so amazing! Kate, wonderful job – these two are so in love and such a handsome couple !

  14. Wow, thank you all so much for the amazing comments! 🙂

  15. Hello Kate.
    Fantastic..beautiful, stunning work..

  16. Thank you thank you Dana and Krista 🙂 And Krista, thank YOU for our amazingly tasty food at Ten Tables after!

  17. Kate-these are fantastic! I can’t believe I am just now catching up on connecting with Mystic5~my favorite people I met! Your website and blog are awesome!

  18. Wow! These are fantastic Kate. You did a great job capturing the love that these 2 share for one another.

  19. Kate…Wow!…love these photos. You sure do know how to capture love at its finest!

  20. These are fantastic!!! Kelly is a good friend of mine from High School. We lost touch when we went out seperate ways to college, but found one another again on Facebook. I am so happy for Kelly. Everyone deserves that love that lasts a lifetime and that person that is their true compliment, best friend, even soul mate. Kelly always had a wonderful heart and amazing spirit and I couldn’t be more happy for her. Her wedding was beautiful and these pics are awesome!!!



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