Live: N.A.S.A. and Staxx Brothers at Nectar

Mar 4, 2009 | music, seattle weekly

Last night I had a special treat: photographing the awesomely cool N.A.S.A. at Nectar in Fremont.  I’ll let you read Sara Brickner’s review for Seattle Weekly, but I must say this: I thought Staxx Brothers were super fun (Sara was right about the crowd loving ’em) and N.A.S.A. rocked my world.  It was hard getting clean shots when I was dancing like a crazy thing and giggling at the half-naked dancing girls and their monster friends …  Not to mention that my D300 is not really equipped to see in the dark … But you’ll have to read the review and check out the slideshow of the rest of my pics to see what I’m talking about.  Here’s a little teaser for now though.

© 2009 Kate McElwee Photography


  1. Really nice slide show. A real teaser, want more pictures. My wife got so excited, she’s asking for more teaser.
    Thanks and great job.

  2. I wanna borrow some of your photos to re-create in my own style. Do I have your blessing on this? Of course you will see the link I will submit them with and you will get due credit.


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