A Winter Wonderland: Jody + Aaron

Nov 5, 2008 | Weddings

My last wedding before vacation was a picture-perfect winter wonderland with Jody and Aaron.  I started the day at The Greenlake Church where throngs of family and friends were decorating and preparing for the day ahead, and Jody was excitedly prepping in the small bathroom downstairs with her bridesmaids and lots of little ones.  The atmosphere was perfect – busy and buzzing.

The ceremony, just after sunset, was beautiful.  The church was covered in candles, and gorgeous flowers made by Jody – she even made each bouquet by hand, and they looked amazing.  It was emotional, but also fun – I love the shot of Jody turning around and flashing us all her beautiful big grin, while Aaron is bent over double with giggles!

After the ceremony we braved the torrential rain and headed down to Court in the Square in downtown Seattle.  The decor was, again, beautiful – and Aaron and Jody pulled off a grown up elegance while still catering to the many kids who were there to celebrate with them.

After some good Mexican food and lots of crazy dancing, Fiona and I set up the photobooth lighting against one of the brick walls – what a great backdrop.  We had a lot of fun working with Aaron’s daughter Morgan as she helped us with the ‘booth’, and she even took some of the photos below – she did such an awesome job!

Thank you all for a fun and love-filled evening – I went home feeling very much at peace with the world.  Enjoy your teasers!

© 2008 Kate McElwee Photography


  1. i love you kate. i will miss working with you. you made my dream wedding come to life…through the pictures! AMAZING!! thank you, oooh so much for capturing the moments!! please stay in touch. i would love to see you again. i am already passing your name onto co-workers, friends and ladies planning on getting married. i hope you get even “more” calls. you are the bestest. we’ll be in touch. hugs and big smiles. jo

  2. Awesome, beautiful, joyful, playfully done…You captured oh so much! Can’t wait for the copies.

  3. These pictures are AMAZING! Any chance I can talk you into coming to
    St. Louis for a photo shoot Kate!? 😉

  4. WOW! these pictures are incredibly amazing. Kate YOU are a fantastic photographer.
    The wedding was beautifu. Jody and Aaron are a gorgeous couple.


  5. Absolutely Fabulous, I don’t know how your going to choose. Kate you have a very special gift!

  6. All I can say is WOW!!!!!! These are some of the most awesome picture I’ve seen. Being friends with Jody for quite a while I can say that every picutre reflects what Jo stands for: GOD FIRST-FAMILY-LOVE-LIFE-FAITH-FUN!!!

    This was certainly a wedding to be remembered!!!! Kate you did an incredible job!


  7. Wow! These photos really capture the essence of the wedding! It was a great time for a lovely couple. I’m glad that these photos turned out so well.

  8. Kate, absolutely beautiful pics, very very personable. Great shots of you two on your day. Wonderful pics of family and friends. And Jody, your beautiful smile is radiant.

  9. I think these are just amazing – and I totally love the ”darker” ones!


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