The Northwest Room at Ray’s: Amanda + Tieming

Oct 9, 2008 | Weddings

On Saturday, I had my first of several weddings at Ray’s Boathouse, or rather the very cute Northwest Room there.  I started off with Amanda and the two moms at Amanda & Tieming’s apartment in Queen Anne for some getting ready shots, then headed over to Ray’s to meet with Tieming and the guys for their formal photos.  I arrived in time to see my favorite florist Alexa of Fiore Blossoms and her lovely husband setting up, and what a beautiful job they did.  The tented ceremony area was transformed into a bright, colorful space with fall-inspired flowers and gorgeous bright green and cream paper lanterns.  Alexa also provided much of the indoor dinner decor and the entire place looked beautiful.

A little later than scheduled – isn’t that always the way with weddings? – Amanda and the ladies arrived, and we staged the first look in the ceremony space.  It seems to be the perfect solution to uncooperative weather!  After that, we did a few more family photos, then right at sunset the ceremony began.  It was such a lovely service, short but sweet, and Tieming was just beaming throughout, very cute!

The reception was a mixture of great food (yay for seafood!), animated conversations and possibly the largest set of toasts I’ve ever seen; it became an open mic event and it was great hearing so many different people get up and tell their favorite anecdotes about Amanda and Tieming.  Thank you all for a lovely evening, and enjoy your teasers!

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