Sunday at Tyee: Jenny + Jerrod

Jul 6, 2008 | Weddings

Last Sunday, I photographed Jenny and Jerrod’s wedding at Tyee Yacht Club.  It was like photographing old friends – we’ve met so many times now – and I’m hoping they’ll be having babies so that I have a good excuse to keep on photographing them!

I started off the day at the Watertown Hotel in the U District, snapping away while Jenny, her mom and her maid of honor got ready.  Jenny told me to “go crazy” with detail shots …  I don’t need any more encouragement than that!

I loved Jenny’s perfect blue shoes.  In fact, I loved them so much that I found a way to work them into one of the many ring shots …

Jenny was radiant – I love her pre-wedding glow.  And here’s the fabulous Kate Crotty working her magic:

Jenny’s mom’s expression is just priceless in this photo:

We held their first look moment in the lobby of the hotel.  It was actually our backup location in case of rain, but it was just scorching last weekend and we had another hour of outdoor photos to follow!

After the first look, we all jumped into a beautiful old British motor car and headed over to the arboretum and Madison Park waterfront for some couple portraits.  First stop was my favorite bridge in the arboretum:

After a while, we were glad to leave the sun behind and head over to Tyee Yacht Club for the formals and rehearsal.  I had fun with more detail and room overview shots, then all of a sudden people were arriving and the ceremony began.

Guitarist Asher Hashash played some beautiful pre-ceremony music:

The ceremony was pretty emotional – and then the readings started and half of the wedding party started really tearing up – it was really cute!

I love that they left the huppah up during the reception as additional decor – and it made a gorgeous foreground for the first dance shots later on.

One of the best things about Tyee (aside from it being right on the water and having the prettiest bathroom ever) is that it is catered exclusively by Ravishing Radish – yum!  I love the buffet selection Jerrod and Jenny chose, and they even had a mashed potato bar – perfect!

This delightful cake was designed by Dan at Decadence Custom Cakes.  The little birdy cake toppers were hand sculpted out of chocolate – they were so delicate and cute!

After the first dance, DJ Sean Denard held a generation dance where couples were dismissed from the dance floor according to how long they’ve been married.  The last couple left, the couple married for the longest, are then asked to give some advice for a successful marriage to the newlyweds.

I think these guys said they’d been married for over 35 years – and they still look so happy and in love!

After the dances, we headed out onto the dock for some final couple portraits before sun down.

Sometimes it’s fun to just go for the cheesy shot!

It was really far too muggy for dancing, so for the last hour we had some fun with the photobooth.

Go jazz hands!

Jenny’s sisters:

These guys were so much fun, and I have some vague memory of inviting myself to stay with them if I ever make it down to San Diego!  Shannon’s brother Tuffer Harris is another amazing photographer – he does mostly fashion and fine art photography.

Congratulations to Jenny and Jerrod on a beautiful, emotional wedding, and thank you for introducing me to such an awesome group of people!


  1. what a cute wedding! i love how you’ve really captured the fun in this wedding. 2 thumbs up!

  2. What a great wedding, what a great location & decor — you captured it all so well!

  3. Great pictures. and you should definitely crash on my sisters couch if you’re ever in San Diego. You’d have a blast.
    It was great to see you in action at the wedding!

  4. Great pictures! It was a fun wedding to be a part of and so many great people. Tuffer’s right you should come to SD and hang out – our couch is always open – but so is our guest room (only brothers have to sleep on the couch 😉

  5. Great pictures!

  6. Thanks for capturing Jenny and Jerrod’s wedding so beautifully! I’m one of Jenny’s sisters and I couldn’t make it to the wedding so it’s really nice to see all the love and decor captured so nicely. Loved their engagement photos too.
    -Mandy Gregory

  7. Kate,

    I just can’t stop looking at all our wedding pictures- you did such an amazing job capturing all the beautiful moments of our wedding. I knew you would do a wonderful job, but I’m truly blown away by the shots you got. I love the emotion, seeing the shots of our family and friends together, I just keep staring. Thank you so much for all the work and detail you put into capturing our wedding. I feel like you made these pics into works of art. These pictures make us so happy- thank you so very, very much, Kate.

  8. I knew that the wedding pictures would be awesome because the engagement photos were awesome. It was fun watching you work-I love it when people enjoy what they do for a living-it shows. Also, thanks for noticing that I had gum in my mouth!

  9. Terrific pictures of a wonderful event–I thought every aspect of the wedding was perfect, and the pictures truly capture that fantastic day, and the love that seems to radiate from Jenny and Jerrod. b

  10. Congratulations to Jenny and Jerrod! The pictures are outstanding, and really seem to capture the special relationship you two have.I wish the all the very best to you to for a wonderful marriage and life together.



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