Family Frolics at Discovery Park: The Hansen Family

Jul 12, 2008 | Families, Little Ones

On Tuesday evening, I met up with the lovely Hansen family for some fun and casual portraits at Discovery Park.  It’s the second group of people I’ve introduced to this beautiful place, and I’m pretty sure they are already big fans.

We started off with some warm-up shots just next to the south parking lot.  Meet Ruth, Bo and their gorgeous little girl Ella.

Ella is just 16 months old, but her personality is so developed already – she was an absolute joy to photograph!

I like to do some ‘walking away’ shots during the warm-up as most of us feel a little more comfortable when we’re not staring directly into a huge lens!

It’s also nice to get some individual portraits of mom and dad, as they so often get neglected when the little ones come along …

Once everyone was feeling a bit more relaxed and carefree, we headed into the meadow …

Bo showed off his baby-throwing skills:

… and Ruth showed us how to do the dip:

Ella has a very independent spirit, and was perfectly content just marching up and down in the long grass on her own.

They brought along their super-cute doggy, too.

More baby-throwing:

And here’s Oscar looking mighty handsome:

Why do the best shots always come during wardrobe changes?!

Thanks for such a fun session, and see you in the fall for some belly portraits!

© 2008 Kate McElwee Photography

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  1. We need to start having kids right away so you can photograph them!!!! Yeah for family photos!!

    Ella looks so cute! I hope our children are this adorable.



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