Boudoir Teasers for Ms A

Jul 1, 2008 | Boudoir

Yay, another boudoir session I can blog!  I am always excited when I get permission to share boudoir photos with you, and the lovely Ms A has very generously allowed me to share almost all of her photos – so many, in fact, that I had a hard time picking just twenty five to share with you here!  As with all of my boudoir posts, many of these photos are not safe for work … so click through with caution.

Ms A brought along a whole bunch of fun stuff for us to play with – but we started off with the traditional lingerie sets.

She has such beautiful eyes – and they are huge!  I think they look particularly pretty in this photo:

I adore these shots next to the window.  There’s something very dreamy and magical about the diffused light there …

My home studio is almost completely white, but there’s one wall in “chocolate raspberry” which adds in a little variety to your boudoir photos.  With the right light setup it can look black, the perfect backdrop for the moodier shots.

Ms A brought along a fun schoolgirl outfit.  Her fiancé is going to love these!

A couple of girls have brought along teddy bears recently – too cute!

For her final two outfits, Ms A brought a selection of hats to wear … I LOVE photographing hats!

One of the last shots of the day, and one of my favorites: the veil on this hat is so pretty, and I love the soft focus effect on her face.  Thank you Ms A for sharing so many of your photos.  I can’t wait to photograph your wedding later this summer!


  1. Ooohhh…I love these pictures. I am so excited for my session on Thursday. Your work is beautiful! Great job!

  2. I LOVE this set!!! You do such great work Kate! I think my favorite is the third from the bottom and the last one is a close runner up! Wowie!!! She is so beautiful and I adore her outfits!

  3. Thank you ladies!! Hailey, I’m looking forward to meeting you finally! And Corey … Vegas, baby, Vegas! We’ll have to find a nice room to book one afternoon and hold mini boudoir sessions. And yup, you’ll be first up 🙂

  4. Thank you so much Kate! I absolutely love these and am so glad I worked up the courage to do them! Thanks to eveyone else who said nice things about me too, this is really helping to boost my confidence that HE will like them!

    Ms A


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