Boudoir Teasers for Ms M

Jul 31, 2008 | Boudoir

Gosh, summer is really here, and don’t I know it … it’s been crazy crazy busy here and my blogging schedule has fallen a little behind!  So here’s the first of two posts for today – teasers from one of my wonderful wedding client’s boudoir session.  The fabulous Ms M came to my home studio a week ago, and we had such a fun time creating these images.  I am super excited for her wedding in the fall … thanks, M, for sharing some of your favorite pics!


  1. Oh, I love them! Kate, you did such an amazing job. You made me look fabulous! 🙂

  2. And you were such a treat to work with – bring on your wedding, that’s all I can say! Yay!

  3. Wonderful!

    Still jealous to know you have a boudoir studio IN your house…lucky(:

  4. Michelle, it’s our guest bedroom, which is also shared with my husband’s turntables. But it’s a great little space and very bright. I love that I can use all natural light for the sessions.


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