UW and Madrona Engagement Session: Lanaya + Zach

Jun 1, 2008 | Engagements

Lanaya and Zach are getting married in the middle of Lake Washington (their ceremony and reception will take place on the Virginia V steamship) but their engagement session was a little more conventional!

We started out a week and a half ago, on a sunny Thursday afternoon, at the University of Washington, where Zach is currently studying. Lanaya and Zach are avid readers, so we figured that Suzzalo Library would be a fitting place to start.

In the graduate reading room, we discovered a shared dark sense of humor as we found tome after tome of inappropriately titled books to pose with, but this one by Brian Hall is very sweet: ‘I Should be Extremely Happy in your Company’. Not so much the next one down …

After the reading room, we headed out into Red Square where the pigeons were out in force, and then up towards the law school where there was some interesting ‘music’ happening. Zach was pretty sure it was law school students singing karaoke …

After a mighty trek around the campus, we decided that the best of the light had gone, so we headed up to Madrona for some photos in their old neighborhood. I love the old laundromat there, with its lilac walls and checkered floor.

We re-met on last Sunday for a few more photos in better light, starting at the Japanese Garden at the arboretum.

Our final stop was at Lanaya & Zach’s favorite Madrona pub, the Madrona Eatery & Alehouse. We each drank a pint of Manny’s and sat in the sun and geeked out and ate the best fries I’ve had in Seattle. Fun! Thanks Lanaya and Zach for not one but two fun sessions!


  1. These are so nice, Kate….I love every one. And really? A pigeon flew in the perfect spot at just the right time? WOW ~ Great capture! I know they’ll love these…You’re so talented. : )

  2. It has been a treat both to work with you and to see the finished products, which are awesome! I can’t wait to see the rest.

    I love how you worked the missing #13 dryer into the laundromat shot, by the way.

  3. Kate what a great session! I really adore all of them (as always) but my favorites are the second stairs, the one of them kissing with the bird and the laundromat shot! You have such a great eye and so much talent!!!!!

  4. Thanks Kate! These are fabulous.
    It’s fantastic working with you, you’re great!

  5. Thanks all! Lanaya & Zach, you were so much fun to work with AND you bought me a Manny’s and the best fries ever! Thank YOU πŸ™‚ Amanda, there were so many pigeons, it was hard NOT having one fly in at the right moment! And thank you again Corey for the very kind words!

  6. Oh my gods, those pictures are great.

    I can’t wait for the wedding!

  7. Same here, Dan – it’s going to be FUN!

  8. I know I’m probably focusing on the wrong picture but I LOVED the picture of the ring between the “stress and anxiety” books. It truly made me laugh! Other than that, beautiful pics Kate, as usual! My favorite shot is the last one. It just seems so classic.

  9. These are such amazing photos of such amazing people πŸ™‚

  10. We love these photos! Especially nice are the photo through the book-stack at the UW library, the one below that photo and, finally, the photo at the laundromat. Mary and I both remember a very amusing story regarding Lanaya, Zach and a massive pile of laundry… πŸ˜‰

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