The Loved Up & Awesome Shoot: Colette and Brandon

Jun 19, 2008 | Engagements, Portraits

I love these guys! Colette and Brandon are a super awesome couple who aren’t engaged but wanted some great photos of themselves, so they contacted me for what can only be called a Loved Up & Awesome Shoot. Kind of like an engagement session without a ring. It was great!

Brandon is currently a student at the UW Business School, and Colette recently graduated, so our first stop, naturally, was the UW campus. We pretty much had the entire place to ourselves – it was strange seeing the campus so quiet (and the libraries locked up), but it made for some great photos …

After campus, we headed down to Pike Place where Brandon and Colette first got together. I love the story: they were both working at Nordstrom and headed down after work one evening. Colette didn’t realize that Brandon was interested until he asked to buy her a fish … I don’t think he ever bought her a fish, but he did get her a bouquet from the market, and things started to click. They’ve been inseparable ever since, and the market is still one of their favorite places to hang out together.

I think Colette was a little embarrassed asking me to take this photo – but it turned out to be one of my favorites! It is, after all, a very cute piggy, and what would Pike’s Place Market be without its perfect little mascot?

We were playing chase with the sun all evening, but I think we finally caught it here … I love that you can see the market sign in the background.

We came across these strange saddle seats on a wall off Post Alley – it was too good a posing opportunity to pass up!

And this little bench reminded me of Paris for some reason …

I suggested to Colette that she hang off the railings for this shot – I was totally unprepared for her Spiderman style door-scaling moves, it was amazing!

We ended with a few simple couple portraits by the Pink Door, and headed our separate ways. Thank you both for a really enjoyable session, and I hope you like your teasers!

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  1. Kate – the photos are awesome! They are SO beyond our expectations! I have to say, the saddle seat pictures turned out to be one of my favorites – they’re so much fun and really capture who we are 🙂 The photo where we are walking out of the underground is amazing as well. It reminds me of the New York underground – very urban and cool.

    I am really, really looking forward to the rest of the pictures now! I can’t wait to share them with our family and friends. Thanks again for such a fantastic experience!

  2. P.S. “Loved Up and Awesome” – I can’t think of a better title for a non-engagement shoot! 🙂

  3. Thank you Colette – I am so happy you like your photos 😀 There are more of the saddle seat ones coming on your CD, it was so hard choosing my favorites, they were really funny! Thanks for being such a great couple to work with!

  4. great photos as always – i especially love the silhouette in the alley – her heels look so amazing.

  5. I ADORE your monkier for this session Kate, perfect!

    This session is so much fun and full of awesomeness! I think my fav is definately the one with the sunset + the market sign. Bravo!

  6. Kate-The photos are perfect! I don’t think they could have been any better. I know Colette and I will love the rest once we get them. Thank you again!



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