UW Campus & Arboretum Engagement Session: Morgan + Dino

May 25, 2008 | Engagements

I’m a little behind on my blogging, so apologies! Last Sunday, I met up with Morgan and Dino for their engagement photos on campus at the University of Washington and at the arboretum. They also brought along their awesome doggy, Henna.

We started off on campus, and we found tons of nice shady spots for their couple portraits.

Although Dino claims to be more than a little camera shy, he’s a great performer, and had Morgan (and myself) in stitches for much of the afternoon. I couldn’t hear the full story, but this is him part way through a reenactment of a guy flying off one of the buildings on campus …

After our ‘serious’ sesssion on campus, we brought out Henna for some silly/cute photos at the arboretum. I was determined to get some great angles on Henna, but she kept moving around, as doggies do … so I was jumping up and down, sitting in odd positions and generally paying no attention to what I was doing … no surprise that I ended up plopping my butt down right on top of a huge pile of doggy poop. D’oh!

What a cute family they make!

This little bridge in the arboretum has to be one of my favorite spots in Seattle – it always has such pretty light falling on it.

These guys are too funny!

I’m not entirely sure what this is all about, but Dino was very keen to show the boys his dancing skillz …

Thanks for a fun afternoon, guys, and for dealing with my stinky doggy-poop pants all afternoon! See you on Orcas in August!


  1. Love the shot of the dog running towards you with them in the background! Great session!

  2. I wrote a comment before even looking at the last shot! That may be my favorite. What an awesome bridge! Really beautiful shot.

  3. i just LOVE the one with the dog running toward you! great series kate!

  4. I am another fan of the dog running towards you!! LOVELY! I also love the fisheye shot of the doggie! The last one is my favorite though, so sweet! What a great session Kate!

  5. Stunning BLOG! I love it! Great job Kate!

  6. I love them Kate!! It was so much fun to work with you. Can’t wait for August!

  7. great shots! Love them all!

  8. Beautiful and impressive photography!!!!

  9. These were incredible photos that managed to capture the joy of both Morgan and Dino. Their affection for Henna was also evident. I loved the black and white head shot of them both. The depth of the photo was striking. Morgan is beautiful (Dino ain’t bad either!) and I was wowed by these pictures.

  10. Beautiful, both of you (well, all three really). Enjoy!


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