Short & Sweet: Debbie & Mark’s Mayflower Park Nuptials

Feb 25, 2008 | Weddings

Oh dear, I seem to be a little behind on my blogging – but I’m heading off to Hawaii on Sunday and I’ve promised myself to finish all of my blogging before I head off … so it’ll be a busy week here!

Last weekend, I photographed Debbie and Mark’s short but very sweet wedding at the Mayflower Park Hotel in downtown Seattle. It was my second time photographing Debbie’s family – you may recognize her daughter Dana in the photos below, from Dana’s senior portrait session back in the fall.

Mark and Debbie’s wedding was full of lovely and unusual touches. The main thing was that they had a pre-reception as well as the regular post-reception – what a great idea for spending time with your friends and family before saying your vows in front of them all! It also gave Debbie a great excuse to wear two gorgeous dresses!

Another special touch was when Dana sang a hymn just before Debbie walked down the aisle with her dad – I’m not sure that there was a dry eye in the hotel by the time Debbie made her entrance!

I must get back to editing, so I’ll leave you with some of my favorite shots from the day. Enjoy!


  1. Kate! Thank you! These are wonderful pictures! I can’t wait to see the rest!
    Love, Debbie

  2. Kate, these are gorgeous (as always!). What a beautiful couple, beautiful weather, and beautiful photography!

    ~Amanda Shea

  3. Bravo!
    Thank you so much for the pictures…they are beautiful. You look so happy!

  4. Its always nice to be able to feel love through the photographs.

  5. Hi Debbie, You wasx a beautiful bride and married a handsome husband. Dasn looked gorgeous too..

  6. Thank you so much, Debbie, for a look at your pictures. What a happy and handsome couple! And your flowers were gorgeous, too. I am so sorry I couldn’t be in two places at once that day.
    Lots of love, Kathy

  7. Fabulous pictures! This will allow us to relive our trip to Seattle for Deb’s wedding again! Mark and Debbie glow with happiness; you really captured the mood that enveloped us all that day.

  8. Cool pictures!!!

  9. Debbie and Mark

    Many blessings on your marriage. The photos are sooo beautiful.



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