Merry Christmas … and happy new photoboothing!

Dec 26, 2007 | Personal

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season. I can’t believe that we even had some snow yesterday here in Seattle – what a treat! Christmas day started out very quiet for the McElwee household, just the three of us (Josh, Porter our black lab, and me) opening presents, phoning family and listening to Christmas music. In the afternoon we headed over to Ravenna to join our Seattle family (a.k.a. our closest friends) for Christmas dinner, games, drinks-a-plenty and much merriment. Wayne cooked up the most amazing ham I’ve ever had in my life (he bought it at A&J Meats on Queen Anne) and I spent most of the evening in a post-piggy food-coma. But I had a special task to do – trialling the photobooth I’ll be using at my next two weddings.

The photos below were all taken in Wayne & Stacey’s basement, with just a black backdrop and a couple of studio lights with umbrellas. It’s a set-up which is quick and easy for weddings and parties, and I’m really excited to be using it for the first time at Kathy Jo & Matt’s wedding this coming Saturday in Everett, and KerryAnn and Kevin’s New Year wedding! As you can see, a few merry people and a willing photographer (or photographer’s assistant) can result in some very fun pictures. I’ll be offering this to all of my 2008 wedding couples where time and space allow. Let me know if you’re interested!

Forrest holding his brother Rod’s baby girl Willow

Rod and baby Willow

Michelle and Jen giggling into their wine

Wayne and Stacey, our fantastic hosts

My husband Josh (about to be attacked by Wayne)

The boys – two Jehliks and a McElwee


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