Stylish in Steilacoom: Jessica & Kenny’s Wedding

Sep 28, 2007 | Weddings

Last Saturday, I photographed Jessica & Kenny’s wedding in Steilacoom, a gorgeous little village on the Sound near Lakewood. I started the day taking some detail shots at Jessica’s house where the girls were getting ready, then moved on to Steilacoom’s Pioneer Park to get some shots of Kenny and his best man. The light was glorious! Bright sunshine, threatening clouds … the stuff of drama. And although there was a constant threat of rain, it stayed dry and bright all afternoon.

As often happens, everything ran later than planned, and the sunset ceremony was really a post-sunset ceremony (a good challenge for my lighting technique!) I also got to improvise with some night time formals, which were tons of fun – and I’m so pleased with how they came out! The reception was short and sweet (there were many cute little ones who needed to go home and sleep after the day’s excitement), but there was time enough to capture some great dancing, a lot of drinking and chatting, and the most awesome garter toss ever (the proud winner was the very cute little boy in the photo below – although I hope he’s not *really* the next to be married!)

Here are some of my favorite shots from the day. The guy on the bench is Bill, their very cool officiant – at one very funny point during the ceremony, he looked over to me and said, “I hope you’re getting some good shots of this!” The flower just below is one of the ones used in Jessica’s beautiful up-do … and the gorgeous candle holder was hand-blown by a family member, and used as a centerpiece at the reception. Enjoy!

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  1. the photography is spectacular! very professionally done! the beauty of the model comes through so beautifully. breathtaking beauty! stunning series. thanks for sharing!


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