A Mouthwatering Shoot at The Jones

May 8, 2007 | Weddings

A couple of nights ago I did a shoot for Scott & Michelle Simpson at The Jones, a bar/restaurant in Maple Leaf. They need photos for their website, and they’re also starting a very cool prix fixe menu on Sunday evenings, so they want some promotional photos for that too. It was a ton of fun, although not the easiest shoot I’ve ever done – I was perched up on a slippery chair overlooking the serving window, trying to capture each dish on its way out to the floor. I literally had 20-30 seconds for most items!

The food was great to photograph though – each dish is a work of art – and chefs Jason and Jeremy were very sweet-natured about being ogled all night. Oh, and for dinner I enjoyed a bowl of wonderfully garlicky gazpacho with Dungeness crab and arugula, and some delicious house-made bread. Here are a couple of shots – I just love the one of Jason preparing the rack of lamb.


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