Wedding Favorites



The slideshow above is a selection of some of my favorite wedding photos from the last few years. There are photos from some of the top Boston wedding venues, such as the State Room, the Four Seasons Boston, and the Taj hotel, and there are sweet moments from beautifully simple backyard weddings, an elopement by the sea in the middle of winter, and photos from weddings all over beautiful New England.

I’m often asked to describe my style; I hope that the photos speak for themselves, but if pushed I’d say that they’re bold, colorful, emotional, and graphic. I love bright colors, especially those that come from nature (big blue skies, vivid green hillsides), and I also love the elegance and quiet beauty of black and white. More than style, I hope to capture in my images a perfect moment in time – whether a simple glance or an epic cheer. I want my photos to serve as a memory for those present, and as a legacy for those yet to come. And more than anything, I want to produce a photographic story that speaks about who you are, not just what you did.

If you like what you see, I’d love to chat with you about photographing your wedding, so please – drop me a line!