Wedding Day Information Form


Now that the big day is almost here, please take ten minutes to fill out the information in this form. The sections that are particularly important are the contact info, the timeline, and the family photo sections.

  • Please fill in the address where you will be living after the wedding so that I know where to mail your USB of photos!

  • Please list any siblings that will be included in family photos.
  • Please list any siblings that will be included in family photos.
  • These are the standard family photo configutaions that I include at every wedding:
    bride + groom + her parents
    bride + groom + his parents
    bride + groom + both sets of parents
    bride + groom + her family*
    bride + groom + his family*

    *family should include any siblings, spouses and kids of siblings, and grandparents

    If there are divorces I replace "bride + groom + parents" with "bride + groom + mom", "bride + groom + mom + her partner", "bride + groom + dad", "bride + groom + dad+ his partner", and so on. I forgo the "bride + groom + both sets of parents" photo. Please note that if family relations are at all complicated, at least an hour is recommended for these photos.

    If you have a few other groupings you would like to include, please list them below. Please note that at least three to five minutes should be allocated per grouping, in addition to the 30 minutes allocated to the groupings above.

    Please include no more than seven additional group photos.

    Please list these groupings by relationship (e.g. bride's mom's sister's family) rather than by name, and include the total number of people in the group.

  • These are the standard wedding party photo configurations that I include at every wedding:

    bride + groom together
    bride + bridesmaids
    groom + groomsmen
    bride + groom + wedding party

    If you have any additional combinations you would like photographed, please list them in the box below. Note that additional wedding party groupings will take away time from your couples portraits.

  • Our focus during cocktail hour and the reception is capturing candid, unposed photos of you, your family, and friends. We photograph as many guests as we can, but cannot guarantee photographs of everyone in attendance.

    If there are a few additional groups that you would like photographed during cocktail hour (recommended), or during the reception, please list them below. I recommend listing no more than four additional groupings here. These photos are not guaranteed, but will be taken if time and circumstance permit. Important groups should be invited to take photos during the family photo time.

    Please allocate a "point person" or a member of each group to round people up for these photos. Once the groups have been assembled, please have the point person find me so that I can take the photo. For groups larger than 10, and for any groups being photographed during the reception, please ask the DJ or band leader to call out the groups during a music break.

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  • If two separate places please give addresses for both!
  • Where are the guys getting ready? I will usually try to stop by before the bride's makeup starts, or between her makeup and getting dressed if at the same hotel.
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  • Please include any additional information that you think may be helpful for me to know as I prepare for, and photograph, your wedding. Thank you!