Ada + Jon
Ada + JonState Room, Boston
We LOVE these Kate!!!! You are seriously incredible (not that we’re surprised). Just so beautiful!!!  We’ve shown them to our parents and bridal party as well and everyone is just over the moon.
Anita + Keith
Anita + KeithThe Taj, Boston
Hi Kate!! THIS IS AMAZING!! We just got back from a wonderful trip to India and what a great email to get! We absolutely love the slideshow – it is so sweet of you to put it to that song! It totally made me feel like I was reliving the day. We are so excited to go through the pictures. I will be sending this around to everyone I know. xo
Mike + Emily
Mike + EmilyExchange Conference Center, Boston
Kate, you are an evil genius! You have to warn me before you send me on such an emotional ride (on a Wednesday afternoon no less!). In all seriousness, they are beautiful.  I have never seen photos that capture a day so perfectly. I love them.  Thank you.
Tommy + Kyle
Tommy + KyleState Room, Boston
Kate, we simply can’t thank you enough for the amazing work you did that has forever captured the memories of our wedding! Everything happens for a reason, and I firmly believe fate brought us to you. Merry Christmas and thank you again!
Amanda + Matt
Amanda + MattNew England Aquarium, Boston
I JUST looked at all the pics with my mother-in-law and we were DYING LAUGHING!!!  Kate, do you know how friggin’ amazing you are?!!! You must!!! Seriously, it’s just like a video! Like a flip book of memories!!! I absolutely love them!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! You are ridiculously awesome.  And SO MUCH FUN TO SPEND time with!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!
Alexa + Brian
Alexa + BrianKiana Lodge, Washington
Kate!! We’re in awe! You truly captured how we felt about the day. Thank you – we feel so lucky to have found you. I seriously can’t thank you enough for your amazing work, your cheerful and calming presence, and just how all around awesome it was to work with you. It was like having another dear friend at the wedding.
Anthony + Chad
Anthony + ChadPilgrim Monument, Provincetown
Dear Kate, We are not certain how to begin to thank you for your incredible photography. We may have verbalized this before, but it is certainly worth repeating – you are wickedly talented. You were able to capture images, emotions, energy, and most importantly, love in every picture. It’s the work of an artist. In addition to your obvious talent, the passion and dedication you bring to your work is apparent. There is a quiet calmness in your approach that put us and our friends and family at ease. You are truly a remarkable professional and individual. Thank you for capturing and highlighting each moment of our wedding. You definitely made our special say a memorable one.
Adrienne + Jon
Adrienne + JonWillow's Lodge, Seattle
Kate, We are still MARVELING at the beautiful collection of images you managed to capture from our wedding! We could not be happier! Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us before the wedding. The photos perfectly reflect the ‘feel’ of our ceremony (and celebration!) We have so many favorites, and I especially appreciate that you captured so many special moments between us, and our families and friends. You are an amazingly talented artist and we feel so lucky that we found you! Count us in the Kate McElwee fan club! Thanks again for everything.
Dean + Dave
Dean + DaveSeaport Hotel, Boston
Kate, What a surprise to receive these while we are in Paris. I was already drinking wine when I saw your email. The pictures are amazing! I started crying after two or three. What a great way to remember such a wonderful evening. You are a master, thanks again.
D + S
D + SArtists for Humanity Epicenter, Boston
Kate I can’t stop watching the slideshow!!!! I’ve failed at finishing my clinic notes, but have loved dissecting every picture and reliving over and over! Watched with S for his first time this afternoon — so sweet to watch him become emotional at similar times and tons of joy. All my best, D