Questions & Answers

wedding photo of bride and groom at turner hill



Do you photograph details? What about family formals?

Although the majority of my wedding coverage is moment-driven, I also understand the importance of photographing all the little details that make up your day – and I love to provide you with magazine-worthy images of your table settings, personal details, and all of the other little things that you’ve spent so much time designing and crafting.

I also feel that a set of beautifully-lit, relaxed, and natural family photos is an incredible heirloom, and I take as much care with these photos as with the other aspects of your day.

Do you work with an assistant, or a second photographer?

For all but the smallest weddings, I bring along a wonderful second photgrapher. Second photographers usually start shortly before the ceremony, and stay with me through the main reception events. They provide an alternate angle during the key parts of the day, and keep me happy, hydrated and sane.

How many images will we receive?

I typically take thousands of images on a wedding day, and there is no limit to the number of images that you will receive, however it’s usually in the 600-700 range, depending on the length of the day. I include everything great, and I edit out any misfires, missed focus images, and images with poor lighting or bad expressions.

I want you to have a collection of fantastic images that fully tell the story of your day.

When will we see our images?

My turnaround for image delivery following the wedding is typically four weeks, however I will post some “teaser” photos on my Facebook business page within a week of your wedding.

Do you have backup equipment?

Of course! I carry with me two professional grade Nikon D-SLR cameras, plus a ton of spare lenses. I shoot prime (fixed focal length) lenses, and I keep backups of my two favorite lenses, as well as a third professional grade camera body, in my car trunk at all times.

What happens if you’re sick?

I would have to be in pretty dire straits to not attend your wedding, but if I’m in the hospital I have a network of colleagues to call on to fill in for me, both locally and nationally.

Do you include the digital negatives?

Yes and no. All album collections include the final high-resolution, fully-edited, print-ready files, via digital download from your online gallery, allowing you to print your images anywhere and at any size. I believe that it’s important for you to have an archive of all of the edited images from your wedding. However, I do not provide the RAW files, or the uncorrected digital “negatives”. Nor do I give you every single photograph taken; I first edit out any poor images. Everything you receive is edited to the same standard as those photos you see in my portfolio and on my blog. If you decide against purchasing a wedding album, the high resolution images are available for $1000 plus tax a la carte.

When you contact me, I will provide you with links to a couple of full galleries from recent weddings, so that you can see what is typically included.

How many weddings do you photograph each month?

I photograph no more than 3-4 weddings each month. I love my job, and my very favorite part of it is the day I spend photographing you and your loved ones. But it’s a long day, with few breaks, and in order to provide the best possible service to you I need to ensure that I’m well-rested and excited to give you my all … so I choose to photograph no more than three weekends out of four each month. I average around 20 weddings per year.

We’re eloping! Do you offer any special collections for elopements and other smaller weddings?

Congratulations! I love photographing intimate celebrations, and some of my favorite weddings have had fewer than ten guests! If you’re planning a smaller celebration that takes place mid-week, or in the quieter season (November through March), I am sometimes able to offer a discount on my regular wedding collection prices. However, if your intimate celebration takes place on a prime weekend date (a Saturday or Sunday during the spring, summer or fall), my regular rates apply.

We love your relaxed style and eye for the fun and quirky … but our wedding will be quite fancy, so we’re a little concerned about what you’ll wear …

In my daily life you’ll see me kicking around in jeans and tees, with fun flats or cute sneakers. But on the wedding day I dress the part: usually a smart black dress with a jacket, or smart black pants and a cute black shirt in the winter.

We’re not getting married, but we’d love to hire you for a bar/bat mitzvah, family reunion or couples portrait session. Will you work with us?

Although my focus is on weddings, I love photographing all kinds of sessions and events including mitzvahs. I also photograph several families and non-wedding couples each year too. Please get in touch with me and tell me all about your photography needs and I’ll send you more info including my rates.

We’d love to work with you; what happens next?

I’d love to meet with you both and get to know you! I also like to show you some sample albums, and answer any other questions you may have. Please contact me using the “contact me” link. Let me know a few times that work for you to meet (meetings typically take place on weekday evenings).

If you decide to hire me to photograph your wedding, a retainer, and a signed contract, will reserve your date.