About Kate

I’m a Boston wedding photographer with a photojournalistic approach. My style is fresh, modern, and emotional, with a little bit of goofball thrown in. My specialties? Decisive moments, big hugs, dramatic backgrounds, sideways glances, goofy expressions and raw emotion.

I have a wonder-cook hubby and two big, messy, drooly, hairy, utterly lovable labradors, and an unfortunate mountain of dog hair that two Roombas and a Dyson can’t seem to handle.

When the sun’s shining and I have a weekend off, you’ll find me bobbing around in the sailboat that we might someday call “home”. I’m both practical and a dreamer.

I used to photograph all kinds of things, but I’ve realized that I find stuff and things a bit boring. What I find utterly fascinating is observing couples and families, and figuring out what makes them tick. I’ve also discovered that while you may think that you’re a passive observer as a photographer, your personality is in fact imprinted on every photo you take.

I feel incredibly lucky to have so much warmth and love reflected back in my photos.

I’m drawn to joyful souls who love with reckless abandon and want to remember feelings more than details. If that sounds like you, please get in touch; I’m excited to hear from you!