My pricing is a la carte: choose exactly what you want in terms of coverage and product for a completely custom wedding photography collection.

Pricing minimums vary according to the time of year and location of your wedding – winter weddings in the Boston area have smaller minimums than peak season destination weddings.


A Note on Pricing Minimums

From May through October, there is a minimum booking amount of $7500 for Boston weddings or $8500 for Cape & Island weddings. Weddings further afield typically have a minimum booking amount of $9000. The booking amount is made up of hours (e.g. 7.5 hours of coverage) or hours and product (e.g. 6 hours of coverage + a Modern album) or hours and an engagement session (e.g. 7 hours of coverage + a mini engagement session). Second photographer hours also qualify towards the total.

From November through April, there is a minimum booking amount of $6000 for full size Boston area weddings, which again can be made up of a mixture of hours, product, and other sessions. Micro weddings, elopements, and so on have smaller minimums, which apply on weekdays May through October, and throughout the week and weekend from November through April. Please ask me about current options for micro weddings.

pricing for


Kate's hourly rate ~ 1000

Most weddings can be beautifully documented in 6-9 hours depending on if you have a first look or not, and whether your getting ready, ceremony, and reception venues are close by or not.

I typically need about 45 minutes for group photos (up to 15-20 or so groupings of family, wedding party, friends) and an additional 30 minutes or so with just the two of you. Ideally at least part of this time will be right at sunset when the light is soft and lovely, and you’ve had a chance to relax into the day. Even 5-10 minutes of sunset portrait time is fantastic!

For the getting ready, I recommend having me there to document you dressing (30 minutes for each party, and traditionally the bride gets coverage for this if not both parties). If you’d like me to photograph the final part of makeup and maybe a “robes/PJs” photo, add in an additional 30 minutes. I will also need an additional 30 minutes if you’d like some beautifully setup detail photos of your invitation suite, rings, shoes, flowers and dress.

For calculating the time needed for the rest of the day, if you have a rough timeline from the caterer or planner you can send over, I will create an estimate. I recommend having me there through the main dinner/post-dinner events (toasts, special dances, cake cutting, etc.) and then maybe 30 minutes of dance party time. Some couples choose to have me stay longer into the dance party – it’s up to you. But I rarely get anything new after the first 30-60 minutes!

Second Photographer Hourly Rate ~ 500

While I generally prefer to photograph solo, as it allows me to be fully immersed in your wedding day, it sometimes make sense to add a second photographer.

If you are not seeing each other before the wedding AND have chosen not to extend cocktail hour AND would like some coverage of both the reception tables/decor (highly recommended!) and cocktail hour (also recommended) then it would make sense to have two of us there. A second photographer will also mean more guest photos – but I capture plenty of guests even if I’m photographing solo.

If you choose to add a second photographer, the minimum is four hours, and this is usually enough to cover the ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner events (toasts, dances, cake cutting). You may choose to add an extra hour for coverage of one of the parties getting ready if you are getting ready in different places.

The rate is 500/hour for the second photographer.

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage ~ 2000

Ninety minutes of coverage the evening before your wedding. I typically photograph cocktail hour and toasts at the rehearsal dinner; you can also have me photograph the ceremony rehearsal, and/or the welcome party.

I recommend having any toasts before and during the first course of dinner so that you aren’t paying me to watch you eat (I never photograph while people are actively eating!)

Additional coverage after the first 90 minutes is available at 1000/hour or 500/30 minutes.

Travel Fees

Travel is included for Boston and South Shore weddings (parking is typically provided by the venue, or reimbursed by the couple following the wedding). Cape Cod weddings have a mileage reimbursement requirment.

For Vermont, Newport, Maine, and other New England destinations, there is usually an accommodation requirement (typically 2 nights at the wedding venue or a nearby business hotel). Mileage will also need to be reimbursed following the wedding.

Venues further afield usually have additional accommodation requirements, and sometimes a per diem depending on the location. We can chat about all of this.

Travel fees are based on the distance from Kate’s home in Cohasset, MA to the venue, and the number of hours of photography.

Engagement Mini Session ~ 550

Thirty minute mini session in Cohasset, MA at Kate’s favorite locations (choose from beach or woodland settings). Includes one outfit and multiple backdrops. Available (non-holiday) weekdays only, either early morning or around sunset.

This is a great option if you want some beautiful photos for your wedding website or announcement and don’t need a lengthy session.

Travel upgrades are not available for this session type (i.e. I do not offer this session type outside of Cohasset, MA).

Full Engagement Session ~ 1200

South Shore (Cohasset, Hingham, Hull, Scituate, Marshfield, Duxbury, Quincy) engagement session on a weekday afternoon or early evening. Some weekend sessions are available during the late fall through early spring.

Includes the high resolution images from the engagement session, and multiple outfits and locations.

Sessions last approximately 90 minutes including any travel time between locations. Location choices include beaches, woodland, historic estates, picturesque villages, etc.

Upgrade to a Boston session for $350; ask me about upgrade options for alternative locations.

pricing for


pricing for


stack of wedding albums and samples
Modern Album ~ 1500

Clean, modern album with 80 images included. Features thin, flexible photographic pages, and a range of cover options including linens, silks, and vegan leathers.

Additional images are $15 each.

10×10 size.

Signature Album ~ 2000

My most popular album: a classic flushmount book with thicker photographic pages and the full range of cover materials including several leather options. Includes the first 100 images.

Additional images are $20/image.

10×10 size (upgrades available).

Luxe Album ~ from 3500

Gorgeous Queensberry Duo album featuring hand cut image mats for a timeless, elegant look. These albums are an incredible heirloom.

Includes the first 60 images; additional images from 20 depending on the size of album.

14×10 album with upgrades available (15×12 is the most popular size).

Parent Books ~ 500 each

Parent books are either exact duplicates of the main album design OR each set of parents can choose 30 or 60 images total for one or two photos per page.

These books are smaller than the main album options and are 8″ square.

Parent book pricing is valid only if a main couple’s album is purchased. Please ask me for pricing if you would like to purchase parent books only.