Inspire 2016 – Great Resources to Further Your Education

Inspire 2016 – Great Resources to Further Your Education

Here’s a brain dump of fantastic resources relating (at least in part) to my talk at Inspire Photo Retreats.

The Life of a Photograph by Sam Abell
Within the Frame (or anything else) by David duChemin

This clip by Sam Abell:
War Photographer – a documentary film about James Nachtwey

Hands-on learning – this is THE best way to learn:
-Roots Workshop (in Maine!)
I adore Roots, and after being a student two years ago I’ll be back as a staff member this year! This is a great value for 5 days of photojournalism instruction, plus a keynote by Ed Kashi. This year students will find their own stories in the town of Belfast, Maine (with help) and spend two full days shooting, with critiques through late evening.
– Foundation Workshop

Here at Inspire:
Classes with David Murray and Tyler Wirken for help with moment, light and composition
Michelle Turner’s class on lighting

My Inspire Presentation: The Vibrant Wedding (PDF):
*** link to download my 2016 Inspire presentation ***

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