Boston Documentary Family Video Session


Boston Documentary Family Video Session


I started playing with video around a year ago. I love the added dimension provided by sound and movement, and have always been fascinated by the editing process, which is so different from still photography, and so challenging.

I love photographing weddings, but my curious creative mind has been wondering if I could also offer some video services – not for weddings, but for the growing families of the couples I’ve worked with over the years.

I’ve been researching documentary family video for months, and there’s very little out there. So I’m not sure what a family lifestyle video *should* look like, because that bar hasn’t yet been set. So, this is my take. It’s pure documentary. A mixture of moving pictures and the sweet, funny, sincere voices of this family interacting as they play and eat together. There’s no preconceived story, but I feel the emotional pull back and forth as the various facets of the kids’ personalities come through.

Stella reminds me a lot of myself at that age. She’s strong, independent, curious, focused, and just a little bossy (just like me!) 🙂 She is also sweet and sincere, and when she smiles you know it’s real. Josie is sweetness and light, delightfully happy and easy going. She enthuses about everything in her world, and seems particularly fond of dessert. It’s her little voice we hear at the beginning saying, “I love you, Mommy”. These are two of the most curious and thoughtful girls I’ve ever met, and I hope this short film captures a little of their charm.

Kim and Bobby, thank you trusting me to document your family’s everyday life. And if you’d like your very own documentary family film, please be in touch. I’d love to meet your goofy, loving, funny, smart, adorably crazy kids!