Album Design 2018

  • You have either 15 spreads (30 pages) or 20 spreads (40 pages) included in your album - please see your contract, or check with Kate.

    The majority of couples purchase additional spreads to more fully tell the story of their wedding day. Even if you prefer not to invest in additional spreads after seeing your album, I recommend allowing me to design the best possible album for you, and editing down from there.

    Additional spreads are available to purchase at $100 each. The following bulk purchase discounts are available:

    - purchase 5 or more additional spreads and enjoy a 10% discount
    - purchase 10 or more additional spreads and enjoy a 15% discount
    - purchase 15 or more additional spreads and enjoy a 20% discount

    Requesting a larger album design at this stage does not mean that you are required to purchase any additional spreads, it just means that you have the opportunity to see a more complete story of your wedding day. Once you have viewed the design you may then opt to purchase additional spreads, cherry picking your favorite spreads from the selection presented, to fit your budget.

    You will have one round of revisions whichever option you choose, so if I include any images that you don’t like as much, you can choose to switch them out.

    Please note that after the initial complimentary round of changes, additional changes are billed at $100 per round.
  • Your album comes as standard in a square 10x10 size. If you prefer a horizontal style (wider width than height) or would like a larger album, please choose from the options below.
  • If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the album design process, I'm here to help! Please leave me a comment here, or shoot me an email.


    How many photos make up each spread?
    For a clean design, I typically include an average of 5 photos per spread; some spreads will have fewer, some (e.g. cocktail hour, reception dancing) typically have more. Don't worry about trying to choose 5 photos per spread; instead, I will figure out the best design based on your photo choices!

    We have 200 favorite photos - how do we cull down?!
    If you are having a hard time culling down favorites, please accept that this is a good problem to have 🙂 and let me step in and help. I will be able to cull down a little further as I create the design; you always have the opportunity to swap a photo back in if I miss a must-have photo.

    We really want to include more photos but don't want to spend extra - are there any other options?
    Yes! If you have a Signature or Luxe album included in your collection then you can downgrade the album type to the Ptite album (thin pages/manmade covers) and enjoy an additional 5 spreads/25+ images at no additional charge.