Album Cover Materials – Skinny/Parent Albums


Please choose a cover material from the following cover options.  Please note that these are all man made, animal-friendly covers.  I have noted some of my favorite materials underneath each swatch collection.  If you are looking for a classic choice, one of the darker faux leathers, linens or silks would be a great choice.

faux leathers

Pretty much any of these would be great! Texas Tea is a classic black; Stone Cold Crazy is a gray that’s popular right now; my personal favorites are Bad Bad Leroy Brown, Moonshine, and Blueberry Hill.


The linens above have great texture. I really love Earl Gray for a blue-gray; Crumpet would be my second choice here.

silks & linens

Simple silks and linens are another safe and easy choice; I recommend against Whiteout and Tickled Pink; the rest would be great choices, and especially Shady, Lip-Lock, and Gothika.

mixed materials not much longer

These are bolder choices and many have a little sheen, and a lot of texture. However, I really love DeSade which has a cool, crinkly texture (a lot nice than it sounds!), and Asphyxia and Hypnotique are beautiful in person. These are two of my very favorites from the entire collection!