2018 Cover Materials for Classic/Signature Album

Cover materials – Signature or Classic Album

Please choose from the options below if you are selecting a cover for your main album if it’s a Signature or Classic album. Please note that any materials described as “Luxe” are subject to a small upgrade charge ($50-80 depending on album size). Included covers are the materials under Leather I, Leather II, and Fabric.

Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for imprinting options!

Leather I

Leather II


Luxe Leather I (upgrade)

Luxe Leather II (upgrade)

Luxe Linen (upgrade)


I recommend having your names, or wedding date, imprinted on the cover. Please select a font from the options below. My favorite is the first, Edinburgh. Edinburgh is available in two sizes; either looks great. However if you have longer names, the smaller size is better.

I strongly recommend all caps or all small letters for a clean and graphic look. If you prefer to have your wedding date imprinted, you can write it out as follows:

SEPTEMBER 30, 2018

I recommend this over numbers and slashes!

You can choose to add a second line of text for $35. I do prefer the clean look of just one line however, and that is what I recommend.

Please send me, via email, your imprinting text. Please write it out EXACTLY as you wish it to appear, as I will copy and paste this when submitting your album design for printing! Please note you can also choose the ampersand & or you can write out “and” between your names. You’re not restricted to the + symbol!