profile photo of boston wedding photographer kate mcelwee



I’m a Boston wedding photographer with a photojournalistic approach. I also love fun, candid portrait photography. My style is fresh, modern and emotional, with a little bit of goofball thrown in. My specialties? Decisive moments, big hugs, dramatic backgrounds, perfect details, sideways glances, goofy expressions and raw emotion.

I’m English. I smile a lot. I like asparagus even though it smells funky. My favorite time to work is late in the evening. I get sleepy after lunch. I easily get addicted to things. I refuse to gamble, but love Vegas. London was the best place in the world when I was 25. I am building my tolerance to hot things. I love to eat out. I’m scared of spiders but have held a very large snake. My favorite smell is almonds. I feel happy when I hear lawnmowers for the first time each spring. I spend all my money on food and camera lenses and shoes. I don’t wear heels but I own many pairs. We have two babies, Porter and Lily. They shed Black Labrador hair all over the house. Vacuuming is my least favorite activity. I don’t mind cleaning the toilet though. I used to want to be a jazz singer in a smoky nightclub. I have a master’s degree in linguistics, and I started – but never finished – a PhD. My husband is a science nerd and an amazing cook. I love meeting new people. I’m quieter around my friends. I love weddings. I have the best job in the world.